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Communication is the key to success

As a family-owned business PA EDitorial has been providing prestigious editorial services since the 1990s.

Our exceptional service and effective communication with our clients differentiate us from other businesses; take a look by clicking the link below.

Giving you back your time

We know you are busy individuals, so our team focus on building rapport to ensure consistent, healthy and positive communication.

As a result, we constantly meet author expectations.

Adaptable services to meet your needs

Whether you’re an editor of a single journal or a global publisher, we understand you, and to ensure the peer review process runs as smoothly as possible, we developed the EDiTech Service deal with:

● Backlogs
● Bottlenecks
● Reviewer selection
● And more…

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About Us

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team share a wealth of knowledge and know-how.

We specialise in peer review and editorial management; we manage the peer review process for academic journals by supporting all contributors and their editorial boards. Improving the administration of peer review is our forte, and we are known for our ability to nurture problematic journals back to health.

We also offer copyediting, proofreading, academic and teaching material formatting, and journal social media services.

System Support

Our team have expert knowledge of ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, EJournalPress, OJS, EES, Evise, PXP, Asana and Moodle.

Not only can we manage these systems, but we are able to assist with setup and configuration.

Giving You Back Your Time

Peer Review

We specialise in prestige peer review management. Working with journals and their editors to offer the highest level of support. We manage over 100 journals using a variety of different submission platforms.


Our team of highly experienced copyeditors will correct your spelling and punctuation, check the sentence structure, grammar and use of words, and impose consistency, using standard copyediting procedures throughout.

Social Media

Our academic social media services provide you with either full support or training and coaching to give societies, journals and businesses alike the online presence they need to raise brand awareness.

Training and Advice

PA Editorial’s training academy, established in 2022, provides training to journal contributors, including PA EDitorial’s Tier 1 Editorial Office Certificate. We also have some free handy tips for authors and reviewers.

Clients and Memberships