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PA EDitorial is a global family-owned business with an exceptional reputation for going above and beyond to provide an outstanding, personalised service for every client.

Working With Us

PA Editorial provides a culture that not only celebrates the skills and contributions of individuals from all over the world but supports, engages and enables them to bring their contributions out into the open as equals who have much to offer.

Through PA EDitorial, individuals can work in a sector they love – using their skills and minds. We have an acute understanding and appreciation of family life and the juggling that comes alongside that. Through our work at PA EDitorial, we communicate with many other people and organisations worldwide and are looking for team members who fit into our ethos of seeing the world differently.

As part of a positive and vibrant team, you’ll share our passion for academia, research, publishing, innovation and technology. We’re a team that listens to ideas, develops skills and provide a supportive and dynamic environment.

So, if you have an organised and inquisitive mind, want to work with people who see the world differently, are looking to be part of a supportive culture, and want your contribution to matter, get in touch at or take a look at the job listings below.

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